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Bohemian Jewelry

I recent stumbled on this site that has boho jewlery for sale. I absolutely love the style of the site and the variety of products they are selling. It’s called Beluga Boho and seems to be dedicated to selling hippie type products. I think when it comes to making a fashion website it’s very important to have memorable branding. That’s why I really love this website, the branding is so distinct and recognisable.

I have always been a big fan of hippie, boho jewelry usually buying stuff from Amazon or Etsy. They have a lot of very cool bohemian products but it’s nice to have a site that’s purely dedicated to it.


I recently watched this video because I wanted to learn how to make my own jewelry. It takes time and effort but is actually quite fun and it allows you to design and create whatever you want. I wasn’t overly successful, my necklace turned out looking pretty crap but the process was fun. I quite quickly lost patience and that’s when I found Beluga Boho, I actually found them on Instagram displaying all their awesome stuff.

I think with the summer coming up we will see a lot more boho style jewelry and hippie clothing. It’s my favourite time of year purely because you see so many awesome styles of jewelry and clothing that people are wearing.

The next thing I want to buy is a crystal pendant and I want to match it with other jewelry to create a theme! I’m thinking to create an ocean theme by getting a blue pendant and some turquoise bohemian rings. I would probably wear a white and blue boho dress to complete the look! Just thinking about the outfit gets me really excited for summer!

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


Musing on life

I sat outside on the porch last and mulled over life with some red wine. one that really struck me was how infinite the universe is and how limitless we truly are. I have come to realise lately that you really can do anything that you put your mind to. This is one of the most relieving and enlightened little thoughts that has come to me.

I know it sounds cheesy, cliche and you’ve heard it a million times before but once you truly understand it, things change. There is a difference between knowing something on a conscious level and on a subconscious level. Once something sinks into the subconscious mind you become a homing beacon and will lock onto your belief. This works for negative beliefs as well and is the reason you see the same people falling into negative circumstances and positive people continuing to grow.

I want to do more posts like this going into much more depth. I hope to do this in the near future, perhaps one covering the different aspects of the mind…


Hunting? Crossbows for sale UK..

So I decided I would start doing some crossbow hunting. It looks like a lot of fun so I decided to try buy one online. The only problem is I found it quite difficult to actually find a vendor in the UK. There are loads of American sites that sell them but I couldn’t find any in the UK.

I eventually found some Crossbows For Sale in UK at  They are a new store that has just started selling lots of cool hunting gear. My crossbow hasn’t arrived yet but I am really excited to start doing some target practice. I’m not entirely sure I agree with hunting so I will probably just be sticking to doing some back yard shooting which will a lot of fun in itself.

When I was younger I use to own a bow and arrow, it was actually quite a decent one and was so much fun. I always wanted to try a crossbow though and now I might finally get my hands on one! I’ve decided to go for a relatively cheap one, around the £200 mark to see if I like it. This might sound expensive but 200 is actually really cheap for a crossbow. Some of the high end compound crossbows go for over £1000… Maybe some day! You can see some cool compound crossbows UK at Elystuff.

The next thing I need to do is go out and get myself some awesome targets! I was thinking to actually make my own because it would probably be a lot of fun. I may go full nerd and make some orc and goblin targets because I have always been a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. If I’m feeling more sensible at the time I will make some deer targets or something even though I probably won’t be going hunting.

The other thing I need to address is crossbow bolts! Even though you can pick them up again, I hear they disappear really fast. I will probably go buy a big cheap pack off Ebay.

PS: If you’re going to be going hunting, you’re also going to wanting a hunting knife!

Awesome Trippy Tapestries

People sometimes neglect the simple beauty a tapestry bedspread can bring to a room. If you have a really awesome bedspread which matches the theme of your bedroom it can look totally awesome!  One of my favourite styles is psychedelic or trippy bedspreads.

One fantastic place to find a wide collection of these is They stock huge amounts of hand made items and have some really awesome bed covers you need to check out. This one below is a super cool example. I love the swirling effect, it would be amazing in a hippie themed room.


trippy tapestries


So where to start when going down the hippie psychedelic route? Well first of all you should go check out these awesome Psychedelic Tapestries. The page includes some really awesome designs that are well worth checking out. I particularly like the 3rd on on the list, it’s ultra psychedelic and I want it! You can see other cool wall hangings at Top They have loads of different categories to see including animals, trees, and bohemian tapestries

Once you have chosen yourself one you like you should show it off to your friends and see what they think of it. They will probably have some cool suggestions on how you could use the tapestry in your house. Sometimes it’s good to get an outside opinion, this has helped a lot in making big home decor choices! Wall hangings aren’t so bad but when it comes to painting I feel that I REALLY need someones input. It’s difficult to gauge how the paint is going to look if you’re in the house all the time I feel. If someone who doesn’t live in the house comes in and offers their opinion, I feel it really helps.


You should go check out some other tapestries online though and see what tickles your pickle! Check the video below for some extra awesome inspiration!

Hello world!

Hello! This is my first post, I have many different things I am passionate about in life and want to share them here on my blog. I hope to do posts every second or third day on all the amazing things I love about life.

If you are interested stay tuned for a wide variety of crazy fun filled posts. I am a huge home decor fan and love paintings, tapestries, furniture and stuff like that. I also like to do a bit of recreational archery, swimming and hunting with my husband.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it to be of value. Check back regularly to see my posts, I can’t promise I will be doing a lot of them but I will post whenever I can!

Much Love..